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Can’t decide where to eat on MM Alam Road Lahore? This blog will assist you in making a decision. Here in this blog, we will delve into the 11 best MM Alam Road restaurants in Lahore that offers the best food, but before that, we will know why MM Alam Road is famous in Lahore.

MM Alam Road is one of the popular destinations for food lovers in Lahore who want to experience exceptional food in a cozy environment. The road is known for its vibrant atmosphere, especially in the evening, which creates a delightful dining experience. The street is adorned with captivating lights and lined with various restaurants serving everything from traditional Pakistani cuisine to international fare.

MM Alam Road Restaurants List

Following is the list of best MM Alam Restaurants where you can enjoy excellent food and make your day or night memorable:

  1. El Momento Lahore
  2. Mouthful
  3. Salt and Pepper Village Lahore
  4. Hashery Cafe & Grill
  5. Café Zouk
  6. Tuscany Courtyard Lahore
  7. Coco Cubano Restaurant Lahore
  8. Cafe Aylanto
  9. Spice Bazaar
  10. Freddy’s Cafe
  11. Howdy Rooftop

1. El Momento Lahore

El Momento Lahore

El Momento Lahore also known as best steakhouse in Lahore, tops the list of 11 best Restaurants on MM Alam Road Lahore. This is because the restaurant offers impeccable service and ambiance with a wide variety of exceptional dishes, including Thai and Chinese.
All food is prepared by expert chefs right before your eyes in the open kitchen view, so you can watch how your delicious food is prepared. Whether it is a business gathering, Family celebration, or romantic dinner, El Momento Lahore is the perfect choice to make your day even more special.

Location: Ground Floor, Building 43-L2, Mini Market, Block L, MM Alam Rd, Gulberg II, Lahore

2. Mouthful

Mouthful Lahore

Mouthful Restaurant Lahore is known for its diverse menu, offering a fusion of flavors worldwide. This diversity caters to various tastes and preferences, making it a go-to destination for food lovers. The restaurant’s impeccable service and inviting ambiance create a comfortable and enjoyable dining experience for customers.

Location: 43 C Street 1, Block C1 Block C 1 Gulberg III, Lahore

3. Salt and Pepper Village Lahore

Salt n Pepper Village Lahore

Salt and Pepper Village is among the top restaurants on MM Alam Road Lahore. The restaurant is known for its warm and welcoming ambiance, which combines traditional elements with modern comfort. Salt and Pepper Village offers a diverse menu range and is committed to preserving and presenting authentic Pakistani cuisine uniquely and delightfully. 

Location: B-103 MM Alam Rd, Block B2 Block B 2 Gulberg III, Lahore

4. Hashery Cafe & Grill

Hashery Cafe & Grill Lahore

Hashery Cafe & Grill is one of the best cafes in Lahore, MM Alam Road. The restaurant offers a huge variety of fast food and Pakistani cuisine. Its modern yet cozy setting makes it an appealing choice for both casual diners and those looking for a more upscale experience.

Location: 102 MM Alam Rd, Block K Block B 2 Gulberg III, Lahore

5. Café Zouk

Cafe Zouk MM Alam Road Restaurant

Café Zouk is renowned for its impeccable service and extensive menu that caters to various palates. From Pakistani dishes to international cuisines, including Mediterranean and Continental, it offers a broad gastronomic spectrum that appeals to a wide audience. So, if you are a fan of Pakistani cuisine and looking for the best food, then this restaurant is an ideal place for you to visit.

Location: 43 L, COMPLEX PLAZA, MM Alam Rd, Block L Gulberg II, Lahore

6. Tuscany CourtYard Lahore

Tuscany Courtyard Gulberg Lahore

Tuscany Courtyard is a popular restaurant on MM Alam Road, Lahore. The restaurant is known for its delectable dishes, such as cheesy pasta, pizzas, and Italian cuisine. Tuscany Courtyard’s commitment to maintaining the quality and taste of its Italian offerings sets it apart and appeals to those seeking an exquisite Mediterranean dining experience.

Location: 16-C-1 MM Alam Rd, Block C1 Block C 1 Gulberg III, Lahore

7. Coco Cubano Restaurant Lahore

Coco Cubano Gulberg

Coco Cubano is Located in Gulberg MM Alam Road, Lahore. The restaurant stands out for its unique and enticing Cuban-inspired menu. It offers a distinctive fusion of Cuban and Latin American flavors, including delectable dishes like sandwiches, empanadas, and coffee. The standout feature of a restaurant is its warm ambiance, which creates a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere that is perfect for a casual meal with friends.

Location: 14-C 1 MM Alam Rd, Block C1 Block C 1 Gulberg III, Lahore

8. Café  Aylanto

Cafe Aylanto MM Alam Road Restaurant

Café Aylanto is one of the best Gulberg restaurants specifically located at MM Alam Road, Lahore. The restaurant offers a delightful blend of Mediterranean and Continental cuisines. This high-quality menu caters to those seeking a taste of the Mediterranean in a sophisticated setting. Cafe Aylanto offers excellent ambiance, and its convenient location makes it a popular option for those looking to impress business associates or family members with a high-end meal.

Location: 12 C1 MM Alam Rd, Block C1 Block C 1 Gulberg III, Lahore

9. Spice Bazaar

Spicy Bazar Lahore

Spice Bazaar in Lahore is renowned for its authentic and flavorful Pakistani and Indian cuisine. It offers a diverse menu that showcases the rich and aromatic spices of the subcontinent. The restaurant’s commitment to preserving the traditional flavors while adding its own innovative twist makes it an excellent choice for those seeking an authentic South Asian dining experience.

Location: T-01, Tipu Rd, off MM Alam Road, Lahore

10. Freddy’s Cafe

Freddy s Cafe Lahore

Freddy’s Cafe is one of the best cafes in Lahore, MM Alam Road, known for its diverse and innovative menu. It offers various dishes, from continental classics to Asian fusion delights, catering to various tastes. The cafe’s commitment to providing a menu that appeals to a broad spectrum of diners sets it apart. The staff at Freddy’s Cafe are friendly and attentive, ensuring that you have a pleasant dining experience. 

Location: 12, C II, MM Alam Rd, Block C 2 Gulberg III, Lahore

11. Howdy Rooftop

Howdy Roof Top Lahore

Howdy Rooftop offers an excellent dining experience with a Western twist. The restaurant’s rooftop location offers stunning views of Lahore’s skyline, creating a picturesque and enjoyable atmosphere for diners. It’s a sought-after spot for those looking to enjoy their meals with a backdrop of the city’s beauty.

Location: Rooftop, 9c Building, MM Alam Rd, Lahore, 54000


MM Alam Road in Lahore stands as a gastronomic haven, and these 11 best restaurants at MM Alam Road exemplify the city’s vibrant culinary scene. From authentic Pakistani and Indian flavors to Mediterranean and Western delights, these eateries cater to a diverse range of tastes. The ambiance of these restaurants varies, offering settings for casual gatherings, romantic evenings, and upscale dining experiences. 

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