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Best Sushi Restaurant in Blue Area Islamabad 

Best Sushi Restaurant in Blue Area Islamabad 

Sushi, a Japanese dish that originated as a simple combination of rice and fish, has become a global phenomenon, with its popularity attributed to cultural importance, health advantages, and adaptability to local tastes. Its growing popularity has significantly impacted Islamabad, where locals and foreigners enjoy Japanese cuisine. Sushi is therefore served in many restaurants in Islamabad’s Blue Area. Among all these sushi restaurants, we have compiled a few of the best sushi places in Blue Area for you where you can enjoy the authentic taste of this Japanese marvel. 

Blue Area is one of the popular area in Islamabad and it’s hub of most popular food brands and fine dine restaurants in Islamabad. Today in this blog we will discover the best Sushi restaurants in Blue Area, Islamabad. 

1. El momento 

El Momento Islamabad

El Momento, situated in F6 Beverly Centre, Islamabad, is a top-tier restaurant that specializes in Asian cuisine and is renowned for its exceptional sushi variations. The restaurant’s unique blend of special sauces and ingredients sets it apart from other sushi restaurants in the city. El Momento is also known for its outstanding steak cuts and has earned a premium reputation in Islamabad. 

The restaurant’s ambiance is best described as elite fine dining, which perfectly complements the sushi and steakhouse offerings. It is a must-visit for those looking for a beautiful, peaceful, and chic atmosphere in which they can enjoy a delectable sushi meal in the Blue Area.

2. Asian Wok

Asian Wok Islamabad

Asian Wok, located in the Blue Area, is a restaurant that specializes in Asian cuisine, including Sushi. The restaurant offers an extensive menu that features a wide variety of sushi rolls, sashimi, and nigiri. Their Sushi is made using only the freshest and highest-quality ingredients, ensuring customers a rich and flavorful dining experience. Whether you’re looking for a classic California roll or something more adventurous like a dragon roll, Asian Wok can be your best choice. 

3. Sakura Japanese Restaurant

Sakura Japanese Restaurant

Sakura restaurant shares the pure essence of Japanese cuisine located in F5, Blue area, Islamabad.  Experience a world of flavors as you savor their delectable Sushi, prepared to perfection with an authentic taste that will leave you yearning more. With an extensive range of Sushi options to choose from, Sakura is a must-visit destination for all Sushi lovers in Islamabad. 

Address: Aga Khan Road, Shalimar 5, F-5, Islamabad, Islamabad

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4. Ginyaki


Ginyaki Restaurant, located in Islamabad, is an elegant Asian fine-dining restaurant that boasts a diverse range of Asian cuisine. Among its specialties in Sushi, Stuffed Chilli Sushi stands out as the most exquisite dish on the menu. The restaurant prides itself on using only the finest ingredients and employing top-notch cooking techniques to deliver a remarkable dining experience to its customers.

Address: Bhittai Rd, F-7 Markaz F 7 Markaz F-7, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory

5. Sumo Restaurant 

Sumo Restaurant 

The Samo, a Japanese restaurant in Islamabad, has gained a reputation for serving the city’s best Japanese cuisine, particularly its sushi. The restaurant boasts an authentic Japanese atmosphere and is located on the fourth floor, with free parking available. The menu features a diverse range of Japanese dishes, with a focus on sushi. While the prices may be slightly high, the quality of the food is worth the cost. The restaurant’s highly efficient staff ensures a cozy atmosphere and prompt service. The flavors of the food are truly amazing, making it a must-visit for Japanese food lovers.

Address: 4th floor, 1 Agha Khan Rd, F-6 Markaz F 6 Markaz F-6, Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory 44220.

What are the Ingredients Used in Sushi? 

 Sushi is a Japanese dish consisting primarily of vinegared rice, fish, and other embellishments. Traditionally, medium-grain white rice is used to prepare Sushi, but it can also be made with brown or short-grain rice. The fish used in Sushi preparation can include squid, eel, yellowtail, salmon, tuna, or imitation crab meat. There are also various vegetarian options available for Sushi. Over time, Sushi has evolved and incorporated many new ingredients and techniques, but the essential elements remain the same: rice, fish, and vinegar.

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Is Sushi Halal? 

Yes, Sushi is considered Halal in Islam as long as it is prepared using Halal ingredients. Since most seafood, including fish, shrimp, and crab, is Halal, consuming Sushi containing these ingredients is generally Halal. However, it is important to ensure that no Haram ingredients, such as alcohol, are used in the preparation of Sushi, as this would be considered non-Halal.

What Is Sushi?

Sushi is a traditional Japanese dish that involves vinegared rice, known as sushi-su, combined with a variety of ingredients, typically seafood, vegetables, and fruits. The rice is cooked with precise measurements of water and vinegar to attain the desired texture and flavor. The ingredients are then meticulously selected and prepared before being arranged and rolled into different shapes and forms. The quality of the sushi heavily relies on the skill of the chef and the freshness of the ingredients used.

Where can I try the best Sushi in Islamabad?

Sushi is served at many restaurants in Islamabad, but a few stand out as the best sushi restaurants in Islamabad, including:

El momento Islamabad 

Chop Chop Wok 

Which are the best Sushi options I can try? 

  1. Salmon Roll
  2. Salmon Avocado Roll 
  3. California roll
  4. Spicy Tuna Roll
  5. Rainbow Roll
  6. Dragon Roll
  7. Tuna Roll
  8. Spider Roll
  9. Shrimp Tempura Roll
  10. Maki

Why do people love Sushi? 

Sushi is a highly favored dish for numerous reasons. Firstly, it is a low-calorie and low-fat meal option, making it an excellent choice for health-conscious individuals. Additionally, the dish is incredibly versatile, with endless opportunities for creativity in terms of fillings and toppings.

In Conclusion: 

This blog not only provides a guide to the best sushi places in Islamabad but also delves into the origins and ingredients of Sushi, making it an informative read for both sushi lovers and those new to Japanese cuisine. It addresses common questions about the halal status of Sushi and presents a selection of popular sushi options in Blue Area, Islamabad, for readers to explore.

With its rich history and meticulous preparation, Sushi continues to captivate people’s taste buds worldwide. Its appeal lies not only in its health benefits but also in its endless creative possibilities. For those in Islamabad, the recommended sushi restaurants in the Blue Area promise a memorable dining experience, blending the authenticity of Japanese cuisine with the city’s local charm. So, whether you are a seasoned sushi connoisseur or a curious newcomer, Blue Area in Islamabad is undoubtedly a sushi haven waiting to be explored.