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El Momento’s Special Hi Tea on this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is a special occasion that comes once a year, and it’s an opportunity for us to make our mothers feel loved and appreciated. While some may argue that every day should be Mother’s Day, celebrating this day is a beautiful way to express our gratitude and affection towards our mothers. It’s okay to celebrate this day in a unique way, such as throwing a small party or planning a surprise for her. 

These small gestures can make a significant impact and make her day even more special. Many restaurants and brands offer tributes to mothers on this day in terms of Mother’s Day Special Offers, making it even more exquisite. So, let’s take advantage of this opportunity to make our mothers feel extra special on Mother’s Day with El Momento specials. 

Mother’s Day Celebration at El Momento: A Royal Treat for the Queen

Happy mother's day

At El Momento, we invite you to bring your mom for a delightful dining experience and indulge in our specially curated Hi-Tea as a Mother’s Day Special Offer, where we honor mothers as the true ‘Queens’ of the kingdom. Our Mother’s Day celebration features a royal feast with the following offerings:

Mother’s Day Special Offers- Our Hi Tea Menu

  • Slot 1 – Starter:
    • Crispy Fish Finger
    • Potato Cheese Balls
    • Chicken Veg Spring Rolls
    • Mini Slider
  • Slot 2 – Entree:
  • Mini Cordon Bleu
  • Penne Pasta
  • Club Sandwich
  • Quesadilla
  • Slot 3 – Sweet Delicacy:
    • Sweet & Coffee
    • Blue Lagoon/Mint Margarita

How does El Momento help you make your mothers feel special? 

A Tribute to Mothers at El Momento

At El Momento, your mother is not just welcomed; she is embraced with warmth and grace fit for a queen. As she steps in, a regal queen sash adorns her, accompanied by a heartfelt card and a radiant flower, all in honor of Mother’s Day.

In a whimsical touch, a jumble pot awaits, brimming with papers bearing various discounts. With each pick, a surprise discount unveils itself, adding a sprinkle of excitement to her day. On this joyous moment, a complimentary drink will be served with our special Mother’s Day Hi Tea, a blend of flavors crafted to make her feel appreciated & celebrated. 

As the experience unfolds, a decadent cupcake graces her table, symbolizing the sweetness of this occasion. Alongside this treat, a discount voucher is presented, as a token of love for her presence, redeemable on her next visit as a gesture of gratitude and thanks.

El Momento  celebrates mothers not just for a day but for the love, care, and sacrifices they embody every day. Join us in honoring the queens of our lives with a touch of elegance, a splash of surprises, and a bounty of gratitude.

Reserve your table at El Momento this Mother’s Day to treat your mom to a regal dining experience filled with delicious flavors, warm ambiance, and the recognition she truly deserves as the Queen in your life. Celebrate her presence with elegance and style at El Momento, where every mom is treated like royalty.

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Happy Mother’s Day!


What things does El Momento offer this Mother’s Day? 

El Momento honor mothers in grandeur, showering them with royal treatment and heartfelt gestures that embody the essence of love, respect, and appreciation. We invite you to celebrate the queens of our lives with a memorable and regal experience on Mother’s Day.

  • Regal Recognition: Mothers are revered as ‘Queens’ at El Momento, where they are adorned with a queen sash, symbolizing their regal status on this special day.
  • Delightful Treats: Complimentary Mint Margarita and a delectable Cupcake await every mother, adding a touch of sweetness and refreshment to their experience.
  • Heartfelt Gestures: Each mother receives a Thank You Card and a blooming Flower, expressing gratitude and appreciation for their unwavering love and care.
  • Exclusive Hi Tea Discount: Enjoy a special discount on our Hi Tea, specially launched for Mother’s Day, promising an exquisite culinary experience tailored for queens.
  • Discount Voucher: As a token of gratitude, each mother receives a Discount Voucher, redeemable on a future visit, extending the celebration beyond this special day.

What El Momento offers on this Mother’s day? 

El Momento is launching its  much awaited Hi Tea platter on this mother’s day. 

El Momento’s Hi Tea Menu:

El Momento Hi Tea platter comes in three Storeys. 

  • Starter: Crispy Fish Finger, Potato Cheese Balls, Chicken Veg Spring Rolls, Mini Slider
  • Entree: Mini Cordon Bleu, Penne Pasta, Club Sandwich, Quesadilla
  • Sweet Delicacy: Sweet & Coffee, Blue Lagoon/Mint Margarita

What are gift ideas for mother’s day? 

Through these ideas and activities, you can create a memorable and heartfelt Mother’s Day celebration that honors the special bond between you and your mom.

Gift Ideas: Surprise your mom with a special gift like her favorite brand’s dress. Other thoughtful gifts include a shawl, crockery items, a purse, jewelry, or a decoration piece.

What things I can do on this mother’s day? 

You have plenty of things you can do on this Mother’s Day, here are some ideas.

  • Quality Time Outdoors: Take your mom out for a leisurely walk or shopping spree, followed by a delightful meal at places like El Momento for the special Hi Tea, where mothers are celebrated as the ‘Queens’ of the day.
  • Small Party or Surprise: Make your mom feel special by organizing a small party or planning a heartwarming surprise for her. These gestures on special occasions add an extra touch of love and appreciation.
  • Unique Mother’s Day Offerings: Explore special offerings from restaurants and brands that pay tribute to mothers on this day, adding an extra layer of appreciation to the celebration.
  • Personalized Gestures: Show your love through personalized gestures to your mom’s preferences, making the day truly memorable and meaningful for her. You can make a hand made card with best wishes or you can give her a special hand written letter filled with letters of love and appreciation. We can make a big difference in our lives with these little, yet meaningful gestures.

Is it good to celebrate mother’s day? 

Dedicating a particular day like Mother’s Day to honor and cherish your mom is a beautiful way to make her feel loved and valued.  Though people are emotionally attached to this event, others may find it cliché to celebrate Mother’s Day just once a year because they think that every day is a Mother’s Day. Both concerns are coming out of emotions and love. 

So, celebrating it on one particular day is also fine, as long as it doesn’t hurt. We celebrate all other days, then why not Mother’s Day? It doesn’t make it any less special. Obviously, we can’t celebrate every day or make it special because of our busy daily lives, so this day is specially created to make our mothers feel special. 

You can make it special by throwing a small party or planning a surprise for her. These small gestures on special occasions make them even more special. And why not? If you can celebrate it every day, then what could be better than this?